ArthroSight-PS is Arthromeda's premiere real-time implant positioning system. The platform solution seamlessly combines customization and interactive functionality via the integration of a patient-specific (PS) alignment guide and an intuitive, real-time, intra-operative computer assisted alignment system for accurate and precise implant angular positioning (inclination and anteversion). It also provides a built-in module for leg length difference (LLD) measurement and femoral offset (FO) adjustments.


Daniel M. Ward, MD discusses Arthromeda's ArthroSight-PS platform technology. Dr. Ward is an Attending Physician at New England Baptist Hospital and an Assistant Clinical Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, Department of Orthopedic Surgery

Footage from Arthromeda Arthrosight-PS Design Freeze Cadaver Lab (Dan Ward, Principal Investigator)

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Step-by-step procedure footage also available - please request access through our contact page.

The ArthroSight-PS Platform


Patient-specific System

Based on Patient CT


Application Software and User Interface

(Tablet/UI Shown)


Sensor Modules

(Alignment sensors shown)

The joint positioning system that offers all four key measurements without the need for costly capital equipment: 

(within 2°)

(within 2°)

Leg Length Difference
(within 2mm)

Femoral Offset

Leg length difference and femoral offset are among the most often neglected or overlooked in commercially available THA solutions, but are a major cause of patient dissatisfaction following total hip arthroplasty.¹

ArthroSight-PS is designed to level the playing field

Arthromeda's patent-protected ArthroSight-PS alignment system is designed to improve clinical outcomes by providing an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution that empowers surgeons of any experience level to deliver positive clinical outcomes for their patients.


Intuitive platform with low learning curve designed to create consistent results from the first use.


Plug and play - Arthromeda's platform solutions do not require integration with an existing PACS system or subject the patient to x-ray imaging. They are designed to not only be compatible, but complementary to existing systems.