Arthromeda is a private company committed to developing cost-effective, patient-specific solutions to improve outcomes in arthroplasty surgeries. Arthromeda's solutions are designed for consistent results and surgeons of any experience level, and empower all orthopedic surgeons to reduce implant failure and revision rates. Arthromeda is currently headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts.



Differentiating and Innovating

The large‐joint orthopedic marketplace is becoming commoditized, and the path toward value‐added innovation lies within “smart” instrumentation and technologies that improve outcomes and time efficiencies.

Addressing emerging markets

Medical device companies see these regions as tremendous opportunities for growth, especially as the patients within them seek best‐in‐class technology and care. Arthromeda’s technologies cost a fraction of competing templating and guidance products, while performing at a peer level.

Designed and Priced for Customer Acceptance

Arthromeda’s templating platform does not require integration with a PACS system and can be used in facilities of any size and complexity. Similarly, unlike competing guidance systems with capital equipment costing six figures and above, ArthroSight™’s startup costs are negligible. 


Leveling the playing field

Positive postoperative outcomes are strongly linked to physician experience and skill.  Arthromeda’s elegant, user‐friendly tools can close the gap and improve outcomes on multiple fronts.

Reducing risk

Intraoperative implant misalignment is the root cause for 30% of hip revisions performed within three months after the initial surgery. Proper preoperative planning and intraoperative alignment paves the road for good outcomes.

Saving time

Capital equipment‐intensive robotic and guidance systems add 12‐23 minutes to a THA procedure.² Arthromeda's plug and play systems are not rooted in large, complex and costly capital equipment, do not require lengthy setup, and are compatible with all surgical approaches and do not alter surgical practice.




Lowering Healthcare Cost Burden

Implant revisions due to failures traceable to misalignment add over 300% to the cost of a THA.¹ Better planning and alignment with ArthroPlan™ and ArthroSight can produce fewer premature implant failures.

Addressing Cost Pressures

In an era of reduced reimbursement (implant price is approximately half of DRG payment), Arthromeda’s solutions save OR time and can reduce the cost associated with early implant failure and revision.

Established CPT Codes

Use of the ArthroSight navigation system is covered under existing CPT codes.

Driving Future Revenues

The speed and ease with which even non‐elite surgeons can accurately template and align implants will improve their procedural skill, leading them to seek additional procedures. 

Investor Contact:

PJ Anand, Co-Founder & Chairman